O2 Pursuit Air Powered Motorcycle

I know you guys are probably all sick to death of "alternative fuels" and the like and I know I have written a lot about electric this, that and the other thing of late... or at least I did until it all got sucked into the abyss that is a non backed up server crash. I suppose technically this isn't even a scooter but with fuel prices heading skyward again I figured we are still a frugal bunch and hey, this thing does look pretty bloody cool right?

So what is it? It is essentially a concept that will never be built because no-one will ever create the infrastructure to support it but in a perfect world... or a resort town with lots of SCUBA diving stores? this would be an absolute urban terror, essentially a lightweight, super basic, compressed air powered Trials style "motorcycle" designed in Australia (won some awards and all)

Compressed air isn't a new idea for a power source isn't a new idea, there was an Indian car manufacturer playing with the idea a few years back too... I don't recall if they ever went further than "playing". There are also a couple of other bike concepts but this one looks like the best thought out and the most likely one you might actually want to own? The fact is other than the obvious issues such as tank weight, pressure, range (how big a tank can you carry and how good is valving etc) the idea is reasonably sound... assuming you can address those issues, which might be doable with a small enough, light enough machine? I would have a hard time not getting in trouble though... silent trials riding through the mall sounds like a blast! ;) Here's the original link with a bit more info.