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Written by Ant Stead    Thursday, 15 May 2008 13:34    PDF Print E-mail
Meet the team - Ant 'Spanner' Stead

Hey, I'm Ant 'Spanner' Stead one of the founding members of The Scooter Review. I’m currently working in graphic design, mixed in with some IT and spins spanners for fun. I guess you could call me a ‘tinkerer’. As I always tinker with stuff, we all know some one like that, he is the guy with the side of his computer permanently open, and bits hanging out of it, maybe a few dead hard drives piled up next to it. The one who has taken their car to bits just to see if it works. I guess, I loosely fall into that category of person. I’ve taken my 50cc scooter to bits more times than I can remember and changed almost every part of it, just for fun.

I come from a cycling back ground, having owned and cycled for ages, I then became interested in motorised transport, and the scooter was a logical progression.

My main role at TSR is graphic based, I designed the logo and masthead and I process the photos, some of the web work, and of course reviewing many of the scooters.

In the near future I'll be reporting on the modified scooter scene, reviewing perform parts and testing if they actually do what they claim. I will be guiding you all through the best ways to go about improving the performance of your scooter. So if you have some ideas on what parts you'd like to see reviewed let me know! Or if you produce/import scooter parts and you want to get that product out to our viewers then time to contact us.

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