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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 22:40     E-mail
Honda goes Electric: EV-Neo
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Honda goes Electric: EV-Neo
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But why?

Honda have been focusing on their clean, green, economical image for a while now and this 50cc equivalent scooter seems to be targeted at the delivery segment of the market with its "load" area behind the seat and whatnot. I am concerned however that the range " Over 30km (at 30km/h on a flat road" (presumably much less at proper speed with a hill and a fatty, or cargo on board) is a bit pointless and with a 4 hour charge time I can't really see it being a feasible option for the local pizza (or beer... their pic not mine...) delivery guy... buy hey maybe things are even more different in Japan than I thought they were... and at this stage the EV-Neo should be released in Japan (only) in December of this year...

For my money the Econogo "Yogo" SEE HERE makes marginally more sense although it doesn't have the "massive" load bearing area in back...

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