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Written by Enzo "Del Fuego" Stoini    Tuesday, 20 May 2008 13:47    PDF Print E-mail
Meet the team - Enzo "Del Fuego" Stoini

Ciao, I am Enzo Stoini but my friends call me Del Fuego (you included now) this simply means “of fire”, or more incorrectly but in the context it is intended “On Fire” and comes from a phrase that I shall not repeat here, actually you can try to guess if you like it goes along the lines of “My _______ is the ________ of fire!”.

I am a New Zealand born Italian, oh and just for the record “Del Fuego” and the phrase above is Spanish but that is beside the point I think, apparently Latin is Latin and that is that.

I have been an avid rider of two wheeled contraptions for some time now, my experience ranging from the humble Suzuki FA50 moped to some retro race inspired 400cc 2 smoke motorcycle goodness from the 1980’s and of course plenty of modern scooters and motorcycles.

Along with this two-wheeled addiction I enjoy long walks on the beach, poetry and caffeine… I have been known to dabble in all manner of ventures from writing books to making films, these alongside short stints as a D.J. and a professional Hit man.

I hope you enjoy my scribbling, feel free to get in touch via the contact info supplied.

Enzo “Del Fuego” Stoini

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