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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Monday, 07 July 2008 12:40     E-mail
SYM Citycom 300i
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SYM Citycom 300i
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There’s a guy, his name is Bob. Bob wants to buy a scooter. Bob wants a full size scooter that will travel well on all roads including freeways. He searches the internet and finds this very review. Bob reads review then buys scooter. He rides it thousands of miles with a massive smile on his face and lives happily ever after. This is an example of how things should work in life…simply. Most people seem to make the purchasing decision a complicated process, not Bob. Bob is smart; he lets people in the privileged position of having more scooter experience guide him in his decision making.

Now I’ll describe what you might be looking for; if it by chance matches up then I will advise (tell) you what to do next. First, do you actually want a scooter or are you reading this because you were searching for some kind of city com communication devices and randomly ended up here? Second, do you have a scooter already and want to upgrade to something more powerful? Third, do you want a full size big wheeled scooter? Fourth, do you want a quality machine, and finally fifth, do you want the best value full size scooter on the market?

Okay let’s assume you’ve answered yes to all these questions, now what? Okay, maybe you should print these instructions out as they are quite detailed. First confirm that you can buy the SYM Citycom 300i in your market. If you can’t then pick up the phone or send an email to your local SYM distributor and ask them, WHY THE HELL NOT? Really, trust me on this. You’ll see the Citycom listed for sale very quickly. Next…get dressed. This really is relatively important as being naked will likely hamper your ability to haggle your way to a good deal. On the contrary, this could also increase your chances of a good price. It’s probably best to get a third party to verify ahh…your quality. In fact I’d be happy to offer an impartial judgment…provided your female that is. Bob’s photo’s still haunt me at night.

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