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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Sunday, 13 January 2008 15:37     E-mail
Vespa LX 150
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Vespa LX 150
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Riding the LX 150 back to back with the LX 50 turned out to be the perfect setup. I remember getting off the LX 50 and saying… “perfect…keep it all the same, give it a bit more power and it’s the perfect modern Vespa”. Well the following day I’m riding exactly that…so is it perfect? Well no…but it is close. The Vespa LX 150 makes 11.5 horsepower which is considerably more than the 50cc version. It instantly transforms the bike into a proper commuter weapon. The LX 150 is also straight up sexy to a vast amount of people; both women and men seem to find its styling appealing. Everywhere I went people simply had to ask me a few questions or relate their own Vespa experience to me. The 150 is exactly what I’d imagine a modern Vespa should look like…they kept a few visual cues from the days of old and simply brought the rest of the design forward with modern flowing lines.

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