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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Friday, 22 February 2008 13:23     E-mail
Honda Today Motorino 50
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New from Honda, the ‘Tomorrow’, not to be confused with the ‘Yesterday’ or the ‘Day after tomorrow’, and certainly not the ‘Today’ which will become the ‘Yesterday’ ‘Tomorrow’. Now don’t get me wrong but wouldn’t any scooter named the ‘Today’ actually become a ‘Yesterday” the day after you buy it? What happens when its years old? It’s certainly not ‘Today’ any more, do they send you a new badge? What about just having a digital badge with the date? Because then it would actually be called The Febuary 12th etc which would be Today, everyday…hmmm, what about time zones though…

You can read too much into a name, as you can see, I always do. It’s important though; well at least I think it is, I mean you wouldn’t call a scooter the ‘Bag of Crisps’ or the ‘One legged wandering cucumber’, those just wouldn’t fly. So given that the name is important one must come to the conclusion that someone or some people at Honda thought that the name ‘Today’ was a good name. Now as names go it’s not entirely bad, it sounds up to date because well, it’s today and today is up to date. However, riddle me this Batman…why then did they design it to look like Yesterday?

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