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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Wednesday, 13 February 2008 04:52     E-mail
Lifan Metro 50 LF50QT-2A
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Lifan Metro 50 LF50QT-2A
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So get this, I’m happily scootering along the sea-side on a pleasant sunny day when suddenly all hell breaks loose! I panic and my life flashes before my eyes, (turns out I’ve really got to get out more as my life wasn’t all that exciting - anyway back to the action) I frantically look around. It’s a truck, it’s right on me. I’m definitely dead; no hold on it’s...I don’t know…I’m a truck, no…I’m in a truck. “Someone help me” I screamed. Suddenly realization hit me, it wasn’t a truck. I thought I’d heard the reversing beep of a large truck, I was wrong it was just a bomb…a bomb? Damn, I’m dead anyway. It must be big bomb because the countdown beep is SO LOUD.

Ever so slowly through a thick fog of confusion it began to hit me, I’d merely hit the indicator switch on the Lifan Metro 50, the sound was coming from the very scooter I was riding. Now I’m normally a big fan of audible indicator warnings as they stop you leaving indicator on after you’ve made a turn. This beep however is just too much. It’s like the reverse beep on a 747…no the space shuttle…no hell it’s like the planet Earth had to reverse into a car park in a large metal planet sized box…it’s that loud. Yeeeaaahhhhh.

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