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Written by Del Fuego    Tuesday, 25 March 2008 10:20     E-mail
Draggin Traffic Jean

Kevlar Jeans for riding are one of the best ideas since sliced bread and Draggin have been making them since '97 so it isn't surprising how good their gear is. I needed a pant that I could wear on the scooter that would allow me some freedom and possibly a bit of style.

If you don't want to risk serious road rash but don't want to be wearing a suit of armour to ride to your local cafe or movie theatre then the Draggin range is the way to go. To steal the blurb from thier website "Draggin Jeans casual fashion clothing range unites safety and comfort to create a versatile clothing range for men and women" Pretty much sums it up for me.

The Draggin Traffic looks like a regular denim jeans... the styling is probably even cooler than your average pair of jeans. along with some solid styling the Traffic Jeans provides kevlar lining to protect your precious skin in the event of an intimate meeting with the street. Hands down an invaluable product for any scooter rider.

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