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Written by Del Fuego    Wednesday, 29 October 2008 21:18     E-mail
Original Buff

I have a problem, not a particularly unusual problem, but a definately an issue when wearing helmets day in and day out... you see I have what is commonly known as wingnutitis. I know it sounds bad, but really it just means I have large and "sticky outy" (as they have been called in the past) ears. The main problem with this is that with putting on and taking off helmets all day every day while testing bikes is absolutely torturous on the old hearing flaps and  leads to a condition commonly known as Caulifloweritis... yes I know I just add "itis" to a word to make it a "condition" so sue me!

Anyway I needed something to wear under my helmet to cover the old Lugs and stop the rubbing... that is when I came across an absolute gem of a product by Buff. It is essentially a soft fabric condom for your noggin... doesn't sound too special does it... well thats where you would be wrong!  The "Original Buff" is a soft, lightweight, breathable item that is as versatile as it is simple, you see the advantage of this seamless tube of polyester is that it can be manipulated into as many as 12 styles... although really you will only use about 3 of them. The one I use is simply pull it over my head and chuck the helmet on... the other particularly useful one is what I call the "Ninja" this covers both the head and neck/chin area... my mother calls it the "old peasant lady working in the fields" but I think Ninja is catchier... this is a great style if the air is getting a bit chilly, on a spring evening perhaps, especially with an open face helmet as it comes right up to cover your mouth and nose leaving just the eyes exposed. Truth be told, I use it quite a lot even beyond under helmet duties, as I always have it on hand I will quite often throw it on as a bandana around my head while climbing or sitting around to keep the sun burn away from my scalp among other duties including protecting the interior of your helmet keeping it alive much longer.

Check out Buff's website for more designs and versions of the buff. They also sent out a winter weight, Windstopper fleece version... the "Typhoon Buff" a bit warm for it at the moment but I will put a review up in short order. Either way, whether you need to save your pretty ears, warm up a bit, keep the sweat out of your eyes, want a good looking bandana alternative... or to dress up like a Ninja (or old peasant lady in the fields... thanks mamma!) go buy one, there are plenty of great prints and versions out there and they are pretty much a bargain, check out the website HERE and go buy one... off you go... now! Go on!

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