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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Tuesday, 06 May 2008 15:24     E-mail
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Suzuki TR50 Street Magic
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What makes the Suzuki Street Magic so fun to ride? Everything I guess…the model we tested was only a 1998 and was still restricted but made reasonable power. Rumor has it a derestricted Street Magic can run up to 80 kph with the CDI removed and a simple high speed pulley added. I had a blast even on the restricted model so I can’t wait to try a hotted up Magic. So clearly the 50cc Suzuki motor is one of the more powerful on the market. Next up the handling is killer, I imagine it’s something to do with the sturdy little frame and its mini motorbike dimensions; whatever the reasons, it works perfectly. The Magic is a total riot to throw around corners and thanks to a strong front disc brake it also stops surprising rapidly.

Obviously the Street Magic is not built for big people. Del Fuego tried it and let’s just say they didn’t gel. Del Fuego’s six foot three so he’s abnormal anyway. That being said I’m also a bit of a midget at just five foot seven so obviously the bike worked great for me. Let’s say if you’re over five foot ten…try another bike. Ease of use wise the Magic is good and bad. It’s damn easy to move around and put on the center stand as it only weighs 75kg. It does however suffer from a complete lack of storage space…you’ll be carrying your helmet with this bike.

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