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Thursday, 20 August 2009 22:53     E-mail
MadAss 125 on the ground in the USA
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MadAss 125 on the ground in the USA
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Well I'm not sure how we missed this particular bit of news but word has it that the 125cc version of Sachs' MadAss has hit the showrooms in the US of A. Unfortunately for us (Sach's? hook us up!) we have yet to test any of this range however, with 11hp this incarnation should be one hell of an urban warrior. Definitely worth a ride at the very least, especially considering the very reasonable $2695 msrp... now we can only hope some bright spark decides to bring out the 500cc version that was supposed to be in the works... although I'm not sure the rumoured Royal Enfield powerplant would be the ideal motivating force.

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