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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Friday, 01 February 2008 13:04    PDF Print E-mail
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Okay so that’s what happens when you crash. However far more important than that is this…how to avoid the accident in the first place.

The following are the secrets to avoiding accidents

  • 1. Assume every vehicle on the road will try to kill you. If a car is stopped on a side street, assume IT WILL PULL OUT, even after you’ve locked eyes with the driver, they will still try and kill you. In fact even if there is no driver in the car, it may still try and kill you (cars hate scooters, it’s in their DNA) remember this and live by it. Always be ready for the inevitable lunge of death, other vehicles simply cannot see you. They really can’t. Always keep your hand hovering on the brake when passing any kind of potential intersection i.e. side street, road, parking space, shop, water slide…anything that any kind of object could possibly pull out from.
  • 2. Scan the road far ahead of you. Look as far ahead as possible, for anything that could become a hazard inc gravel, intersections, wet patches of road, oil etc etc..
  • 3. Do whatever it takes to be visible. For example, have your headlight on at all times, wear bright clothing, reflective clothing, a bright colored scooter, a Mohawk helmet extension, a neon sign, a large 50 foot flag, set yourself on fire, take a elephant as your pillion...really do whatever it takes to be seen. On a scooter...black is the new dead.
  • 4. Weave…yes really. When approaching an intersection if you are uncertain if a driver has seen you or not simply weave from side to side; this sideways movement helps break the motion camouflage which hides vehicles approaching in a direct line. Scooters are small and the motion camouflage when driving directly towards another vehicle is severe. Remember and use this technique. It will keep you alive.
  • 5. Slow down at all intersections. Simple really. 75% of all motorcycle and scooter accidents are cars pulling out in the direct path of the bike. If you slow down and keep your hand on the brake through all intersections you might just be able to stop in time when that car pulls out in front of you. If it hasn’t happened yet…it will soon.
  • 6. Regularly practice emergency braking. This will enable you to brake quickly without locking the front wheel and possibly avoiding an accident. Do this at least once a week as you quickly forget it.
  • 7. Check your tire pressures. Do this regularly and always make certain your brakes are fully operational.
  • 8. Don’t ride when tired. This is when you’re most likely to crash.
  • 9. Never ride using headphones. One day this will kill you.
  • 10. Obviously don’t ever drink or take drugs before riding. Riding takes far more cognitive ability than driving a car.

Riding a scooter is great fun and is something millions of people do every day the world over. If you’re always careful you’ll likely have many years of incident free riding. Summing up is pretty simple. Be safe, wear protective clothing including some gloves, wear a full face helmet and always, always pay attention! Oh, and remember - cars are evil! They really do want to kill you.

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