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Generic was founded as a new, innovative designer brand in the scooter market at the end of 2004. In its very first year, the Austrian manufacturer managed to establish a position for the brand in the market with its cool and creative image, quality and design at fair prices. That is the motto to which Generic has committed itself and from which this Austrian company will continue to profit in the future.

Generic is a refreshing change in the scooter market. The bold and innovative design of Generic products is provided by the internationally renowned Salzburg design agency Kiska. Their recipe for success also includes European technical expertise and strict quality management to achieve the best price/performance ratio they can. Following years of analysis, GENERIC established a production site in the Asia-Pacific region, which is routinely able to supply the customer with distinctive products, which feature unique equipment. The exclusive use of the highest quality materials is just one indication of Generic’s eye for detail. Generic aims to create an advantage by continuing to manufacture its own products and to generate short product life cycles and so keep the scooter market active.



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