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According to Vmoto's website the company started "like any good Aussie story would... over a couple of beers at the local pub" Vmoto's founders noticed that unlike other major cities around the world there was a distinct lack of scooters buzzing about Australian city streets... Vmoto was formed to resolve this injustice.

Vmoto procures it's bikes from one of the most reputable of the large Chinese manufacturers (Keeway) and the brand is both licenced as both importer and manufacturer of the Vmoto brand. In some parts of the world you will see similar models still sold as a Keeway but Vmoto does an absolutely splendid job of supporting and marketing its high quality product lines.

Vmoto is probably the biggest seller of 50cc scooters in Australia by volume and they are set to take on the world. New Zealand has already fallen for the allure of Vmoto, especially the signature Milan 50. Next on the list is the USA with a serious push into that market just beginning. They will no doubt continue to grow considering the combination of quality product and solid dealer backing. Keep your eyes peeled Vmoto are on their way.



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