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Established in Italy in the early 1950’s Italjet has developed more than 150 different, innovative models.

The company was founded and run by the Tartarini family for over 40 years and they try to maintain a philosophy of innovation in all their products. This innovation as seen in the revolutionary design of the well known, loved and often cult like status of the Italjet Dragster scooter. This philosophy of innovation is the trademark of Italjet worldwide.

The passion for two wheeled machines in the Tartarini family comes from a heritage of motor sport, a history of competition that seems as much genetic as it is learnt. This heritage has bread a love of all things engineering and shows in the exciting designs that came from the Italjet stable.

Unfortunately under pressure from inexpensive Chinese scooters and in light of large scale acquisitions in the market in late 2004, Italjet closed its doors and sold its designs to Kinetic of India.



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