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It has been approximately one hundred years since the first Peugeot motorbike was born in Montbéliard. A century later, and without interruption, the same family and the same factory is still turning out motorbikes. Peugeot continue to manufacture a large and varied range of bikes, from 50cc to 1500cc, from Mopeds to Race Bikes to powered bicycles.

The Peugeots have been known since the 15th century, residing at Vandoncourt, in the Montbéliard region, which at the time belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. In the 16th century, the Peugeot family started to build mills, farm the land. Jean-Pierre Peugeot, born in 1734, would found the industrial dynasty with a dye works, an oil-mill and a flourmill. In 1793, in the aftermath of the French Revolution, France annexed the principality of Montbéliard and the Peugeots became French. Their industrial expansion continued and eventually spawned the company we associate with the name today.



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