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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Friday, 30 April 2010 08:34     E-mail
Yamaha Jog Tuning - Stage 1



Well the results are in...


I won't beat around the bush as it's taken a billion years to get this story

online. This is partly to do with complicated events, involving space, time and

a rather strange looking Goat named Dave'o... don't ask.



So stage 1 upgrades consisted of.



1. Polini Scooter Team Exhaust

2. CDI: Posh Super Battle Professional

3. Pod filter

4. New Jets


So did all of this make any kind of difference?


Hell yes!


As you can see from the dyno plot below we bagged 4.5hp at the rear wheel on the

Mt Eden Motorcycles Dyno. This is approx 1hp more at the crank and a rather healthy

increase in useable power.




More impressive yet are the real world performance results.


0-50kph - (31MPH) 8.1 Seconds  (was 8.9)

Top speed - 81kph (50MPH)  (was 61kph or 37MPH)

Laptime - 40.5 Seconds  (was 42)

Dyno - 4.5hp @ rear wheel (was 3.8hp)


Given that we haven't really tuned the roller weights correctly and the bike bogs a bit off

the line, the 0-50kph time is not an incredibly accurate representation of the actual increase in

power. Once the rollers are tuned I imagine 7.5 seconds is on. The high tech CDI also has

multiple power settings. We actually ran the CDI stepped down to a slightly less aggressive setting than we had available to us as it suited

road riding more.



Translated into actual riding experience the Jog is a completly different machine.

What was once a semi useful device is now incredibly useful device. The Jog will now

travel faster than most traffic on urban streets. It will hold sufficent speed up

hills to not become road kill and makes so much noise that a blind albino geriatric

lima bean wouldn't pull out on you as he or she would have heard you coming five thousand

miles away.



The Polini exhaust is rather loud. I don't have an issue with this, as I have

not died on numerous occasions due to car drivers and even pedestrians hearing me and

avoiding accidents etc. The only real issue is living arrangements. If you're the sort

who's up at 5am. You may need to come up with a way of getting the bike quietly out

of the garage and onto the road...otherwise your neigbours will...not may, WILL kill you.

There is a restrictor in the exhaust which does tone the sound level down a bit and makes it

comply with European standards. However as we were looking for maximum attack we ripped

that sucker out and said "Bring the Noise!!!"



All in all the stage 1 upgrade is a MASSIVE success. There's no question I'd do these exact

modifications the second I purchased a 50cc machine. Obviously the Yamaha Jog makes a

fantastic base but the same modifictations will work for most two stroke 50cc machines.

So far the tuned bike has been perfectly reliable and I expect it to continue.


If you live in NZ, simply contact the boys at Scootling and book your bike in for the

Stage 1 upgrade. If you're elswhere in the universe then simply hunt down the local scooter

shop and link them this article. Polini exhausts are avaliable globally and Scootling can

ship the Super High Tech CDIs anywhere on Earth.


Now we move onto Stage 2


This is quite simple...BLING.



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