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Written by Del Fuego    Sunday, 21 September 2008 19:45     E-mail
Keeway Flash 50
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Keeway Flash 50
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Restricted 50cc scooters really are the bain of a reviewer’s life, this is for a very simple reason… They are Horrifically, Horrendously, and Dangerously slow… The pace of a restricted 50cc motor scooter could easily be compared to a quadriplegic South American two-toed Sloth… or perhaps an arthritic, amputee Tortoise in quicksand. You see, what happens when you saddle up a restricted 50… especially after riding any 100cc plus, or even derestricted 50cc machine… is nothing. You cannot help but scream to yourself “Kill me NOW!” this initial reaction makes it very easy to give the scooter in question… as you would probably guess…a bit of a raw deal.

What I try to do with this particular genre… to which the Keeway belongs… is, so far as possible ignore the performance, or lack thereof for a while so I can fairly judge the rest of the machine’s qualities, this is much easier said than done. The first thing I noticed about the Flash was the styling; the Flash is a very modern take on scooter design. The front of the Flash especially… I’m not really sure what it looks like… maybe some kind of battle droid, or perhaps the physical embodiment of the Keeway logo… either way the result is a slick, modern looking machine. The bike has clearly been built to a price but the materials used and the finish achieved is reasonably good.

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