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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Tuesday, 29 January 2008 04:11     E-mail
SYM Mio 50
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SYM Mio 50
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It’s hard being a macho dumb male sort in scooter land; there’s basically nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable snigger from the usual cave dwelling male. “Cute scooter…wimp” or something to that effect is usually accompanied by a little smirk. See this cave man feels it’s his business to make us scooter people feel small, weak and generally inferior to his gargantuan fantasticness. Here however is the fun bit. I believe it is something else which is small. Now I’m sure you’ve heard that the average fast car driver is usually making up for some sort of…inadequacy. So all things being equal, us scooter riders are well…huge.

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