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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Saturday, 12 January 2008 18:59     E-mail
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The Vespa has another advantage over a fair portion of its competition too, it doesn’t look cheap. It looks well…like a Vespa; clean and timeless styling that appeals to a vast portion of people. Let’s say you arrive at a café on your average 50cc scooter to meet a bunch of people you’d never met. If you arrived on the average 50cc scooter people normally assume you ride because you simply can’t afford a car. If you arrive on a Vespa the same people assume you ride by choice. I guess it shouldn’t matter what other people think but that’s the world we live in, like it or not. The best way of describing it is this, the LX 50 looks like an adult’s bike; most 50cc bikes don’t.

The LX 50 2T is surprisingly fun to throw into corners, it’s higher than average weight and strong frame give it a solid feel unlike most 50cc models. The front 200mm disc is reasonably strong with good lever feedback and this combines to make braking better than average for a 50cc machine. The rear brake is still a drum brake like most entry level models and like I always say…why can’t manufacturers give us dual discs? Straight line performance is about average and like most 50s its fine on flat ground; keeping up with cars around town quite comfortably; it’s just the hills that slow you down. It all depends where you live, I test rode the Vespa in Auckland New Zealand which is rather hilly so naturally 50cc scooters don’t work so well here; in other cities 50cc scooters work perfectly.

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