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Written by Ant Stead    Wednesday, 21 January 2009 11:10     E-mail
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So this electric scooter is almost silent and you'll never need to visit a gas station again, so is it all roses?  Well not completely; the first problem is that all those batteries are filled with lead - not the lightest of elements, so the complete bike weighs in at a 128kg. This is pretty hefty when compared to something like, say Piaggio’s Zip which is a only 89kgs. But, does that mean that all the power is sucked away hauling its self along? Well, yes...no...sort of, kinda....

I compared many of the 50cc petrol powered scooters reviewed on this site to the EVT to see how it’s performance compared on the 0-50 test. Its not the slowest, the Piaggio Zip the 0-50 dash (crawl) in 19.9sec, the EVT was marginally better than that - It managed 16.4sec to 50kph. It’s actually pretty good for a something that weighs almost 130kgs!  But it certainly is not a speed demon. The fastest 50cc we've currently tested is the 2008 Yamaha Jog, which set the bar at a speedy (and very useful) 8.7 seconds.

The electric scooter cruises along the flats at around 55kph, and will hit 60kph+ on even the slightest downhill. When it encounters hills however things slow down a bit, again compared with other available 50cc machines it is unfortunately at the slow end of the field.

An important aspect of an electric scooter, and one of the first questions anybody asks is range i.e. how far can it go on a charge. Now of course this isn't a easy question to answer, due to all the different variables, terrain, speed, wind, weight of rider..etc..etc.. But the most important question that people should be asking is: How many miles/kilometres do I travel in a day? The answer to that question for most people on a small 50cc bike is in the range of 10-20kms a day i.e. from home to work in the morning and  home from work in the evening. The EVT electric scooter will work perfectly in this situation because it can do up to 40kms on a single charge. Of course if you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or your diet consists of large buckets of fried chicken and donuts then things may change a little.

How does the charging process work? Well, it’s all pretty easy really, pull into your garage at home, pop the seat and plug the scooter in to the wall. Next morning it’s charged.  The actual quoted specs are three hours to 85 per cent and 5 hours for full charge.

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