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Honda SH 300

Scooter Reviews

Make Honda
Model SH 300
Engine Size 300
Year 2008
Region Europe
I looked at my right hand; slowly I lifted it to the throttle, gently does it now, I gripped the rubber hand grip and slowly tightened my knuckles. I moved...
Honda Silver Wing

Scooter Reviews

Make Honda
Model Silver Wing
Engine Size 600
Year 2008
Region EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaOceania
Here’s a question for you. When are you old? Are you old at fifty years or is it more like sixty? Many years ago you were old when you were...
Honda Today Motorino 50

Scooter Reviews

Make Honda
Model Today Motorino
Engine Size 50
Year 2008
Region AsiaOceania
New from Honda, the ‘Tomorrow’, not to be confused with the ‘Yesterday’ or the ‘Day after tomorrow’, and certainly not the ‘Today’ which will become the ‘Yesterday’ ‘Tomorrow’. Now don’t...
Hyosung Prima Rally 50

Scooter Reviews

Make Hyosung
Model Prima Rally
Engine Size 50
Year 2007
Region Oceania
What is a Prima Rally? Well Prima means first in Italian and Rally, I imagine in this context is alluding to some sort of off-road on-road motorsport event. So the...
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