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The Scooter Review - D

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Daelim Bonita Review

Scooter Reviews

Make Daelim
Model Bonita
Engine Size 50
Year 2009
Region EuropeAsiaOceania
Well I might be out of jokes... you see I promised the Daelim agent that I wouldn’t make any of the obvious (to me at least) Banana or Madonna...
Daelim Cordi review

Scooter Reviews

Make Daelim
Model Cordi
Engine Size 50
Year 2008
Region EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaOceania
If you just want a quick summary of Daelim Cordi, here it is. It’s small light and about average for a 50cc scooter. Now if you want a bit more...
Draggin Traffic Jean
Kevlar Jeans for riding are one of the best ideas since sliced bread and Draggin have been making them since '97 so it isn't surprising how good their gear is....
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