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Honda SH 300

Scooter Reviews

Make Honda
Model SH 300
Engine Size 300
Year 2008
Region Europe
I looked at my right hand; slowly I lifted it to the throttle, gently does it now, I gripped the rubber hand grip and slowly tightened my knuckles. I moved...
SYM Citycom 300i

Scooter Reviews

Make SYM
Model Citycom 300i
Engine Size 300
Year 2008
Region EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaOceania
There’s a guy, his name is Bob. Bob wants to buy a scooter. Bob wants a full size scooter that will travel well on all roads including freeways. He searches...
Vespa GTS 300

Scooter Reviews

Make Vespa
Model GTS 300
Engine Size 300
Year 2009
Region EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaOceania
Being cool is somewhat complicated. See if you were Fonzi you were cool, however...times change. If you were to continue wearing a leather jacket and saying  “Aaaaayyyyyy” while sticking your...
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