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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Thursday, 27 December 2007 05:21     E-mail
Suzuki UZ125 Address
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Suzuki UZ125 Address
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The UZ125 Address? What kind of name is that, who’s address is it? Mine, someone I know; is it where I’m going or is it where I’ve been? Is it implying that I can go to an address? I mean…all scooters can go to an address. Maybe this one is different, maybe you can mail it. Maybe it comes with stamps… a lot of stamps…they go by weight nowadays. Mailing it could be an issue; it would probably go something like this.

95kg international parcel to Florida please. “Do you want fast post?” Ah no…just regular post thanks. “Okay no problem….that will be one million dollars please” Ahh one million, but it’s an Address. “Yes sir I know it’s an address; in Florida”. No, the package it’s a Suzuki Address. “Suzuki?...ahh I don’t see that, I’ve just got Tampa Florida, do you want to re address it?” What no…no it’s a SUZUKI ADDRESS, it’s a scooter. “Scooter…is that a town or a city...”

Now there’s an idea for a comparison test, best scooter to mail…yes it’s a dumb name. Anyway on with the review…

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