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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Thursday, 27 December 2007 05:21     E-mail
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The low weight and ten inch wheels make the UZ125 highly maneuverable and one of the best handling small frame scooters around. On smooth roads the Suzuki is straight up fun to chuck into corners. Suspension is pretty average though and combined with the small wheels it can get pretty choppy over bumpy sections with heavier riders, but as they say; you get what you pay for. There’s no free lunch etc…Suzuki did see fit to include a few extra features like an alarm and a 12 Volt socket under the seat for charging phones etc…but they decided to give us a drum rear brake and a pretty average front disc brake. Now take note; lose the marketing gimmicks; I really don’t care if I can charge my damn i-pod. Use the money you could save not including these semi useless features on a nice solid set of disc brakes on both wheels. With twin discs the UZ125 would be the near perfect scooter. (We’re going to experiment with upgrading the front disc on our long term test scooter.) In fairness the Suzuki’s competitors are all similarly weak in the braking department so it’s just what to expect at this price.

Using the Suzuki is pretty straight forward; it’s got a great side stand and is very easy to put on the centre stand when needed. Storage is good as it handles a regular sized full face helmet and also has a small front bucket storage area for gloves etc. Unfortunately the front storage is not covered or lockable so those prior mentioned gloves will be stolen or sopping wet if it rains. Still useful though for quick drop-ins of the sneaky ice cream that you don’t want to melt in the under seat cooker (under seat storage compartments tend to get warm on most scooters). The UZ125 will travel at 100kph provided you’re on flat ground and aren’t riding into a headwind so is quite useable for motorway/freeway commuting in the slow lanes. It tops out at around 105kph which is considerably better than most entry level 125cc scooters.

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