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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:00     E-mail
SYM Jet Euro X 100
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SYM Jet Euro X 100
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First off I’ll tell you right now I’m not going to make fun of the SYM Jet Euro Xs name. I do it all the time as it’s an easy gag to open a review; in this case its just a gimme so I’ll leave it. I will however make fun of SYMs website again. Here’s a quote “Jet Euro X comes equipped with 12 inch tires that provides a good grip on the ground; even when you are riding on very rough and slipped roads, you can enjoy a smooth ride.” Well I’m never going to worry now; I’ve got a good grip on the ground even on slipped roads. Just humor me for a second here, what is a slipped road? I think I know, it’s a road that has let it slip…you know, like put on a few pounds. Basically it’s a fat road. Personally I’ve never seen a fat road…maybe they have them in Taiwan. Turn Right after Chung Hua Road make another right onto Rotund St and a left into Jalopy Crescent…

I’m often baffled at the sheer range of different scooter models, every manufacturer seems to have a model for every possible demographic. If you’re in the 20.156 year old, white haired, post breakup with a red harried Albanian hermaphrodite demographic, there’s a scooter for you. Thati is how I imagine the Jet came about, someone in marketing said let’s do a 100cc racey looking two stroke and well, that’s what we got. These days the average 100cc machine is a four stroke and most are a wee bit on the slow side. Being a two stroke the SYM is more powerful so somewhat justifies its sportier appearance.

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