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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:00     E-mail
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SYM Jet Euro X 100
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On the road the Jet is a pleasure to ride. It delivers its power with a cool two stroke buzz that almost makes it feel quicker than it is. Suspension is slightly on the hard side but does a reasonable job of ironing out most road imperfections. The front disc brake is of average size and does an adequate job of stopping the bike. Sadly the rear brake is only a drum brake. You’d think a bike supposedly something like a jet fighter would have twin disc brakes? Clearly this is an entry level jet not overly concerned with stopping at the end of the run way.

On the ease of use scale the SYM ranks about average. It will take a full face helmet under the seat but you’ll have to use the key to access it each time as there’s no remote release. There’s also no glove box up front for…well gloves. I was expecting fuel consumption to be on the poor side being a 100cc two stroke but was pleasantly surprised to return 3.3L/100kms (71MPG). Obviously you’ll have to add two stroke oil every so often which also has to be factored in as good quality oil is rather expensive these days. Oh and those big headlights are very powerful compared to the usual scooter headlights which are normally just glorified candles.

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