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Written by Del Fuego    Sunday, 05 October 2008 00:00     E-mail
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I wasn’t sure we would see a direct and strong competitor for the winner of our 2008 50cc Super Battle…Yamaha’s Jog. By competitor of course I mean a budget priced scooter that features solid performance, good build quality and fuel consumption in spite of the price tag. However the day may finally have arrived and SYM’s DD50 may well be that competitor. There is one big feature that the DD has over the Jog and that is availability, you see if you don’t live in Australasia or Asia chances are you won’t be able to get a Jog. The DD50 is available virtually worldwide and the price is very reasonable in most territories.

So what is so good about the new budget offering from SYM… for a start, and to me one of the most important features in a 50cc machine… performance. The SYM DD50 shows an ample turn of speed with a 0 – 50kph time of just 11.5 seconds, this is, admittedly a few seconds slower than the Jog but still an admirable figure. Top speed is around 65kph again a very respectable figure and word on the street has it that minor modification will extend both top speed and acceleration even further. Performance doesn’t stop at just speed though… stopping and handling have a huge part in how confident and safe you feel using the extra velocity available.

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