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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Monday, 16 June 2008 12:09     E-mail
Vespa S 50
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Vespa S 50
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Now if you’ve read any of my 50cc reviews before you’ll probably know that I’m not really a 50cc guy. Obviously some people love them. I can’t see how anybody could love a 50cc machine after riding a larger cc scooter but, good for them I guess. See to me it seems rather idiotic that a government body somewhere on earth came up with an arbitrary number for engine size’s and somehow most of the world has collectively agreed without giving any real thought as to how sensible this engine cc size actually is. Picture this; you live in Los Angeles, cars move quickly here, even on regular city streets. 50cc scooters simply aren’t fast enough to keep up with normal traffic and certainly not when restricted. So why on earth is the engine size restriction 50cc in this territory? How about San Francisco; boy it must be a laugh going up some of those hills on a restricted 50cc four stroke.

So why buy a 50cc scooter then? Well it’s simple really; convenience. The idea goes that you can ride a 50cc scooter on a car license, so that removes the hassle of getting your motorcycle license. Some countries are actually run by people with brains and have separate laws for scooters and motorbikes so you can ride 125cc scooters etc on a car license. Next up however is the absolute priority number one reason most humans buy a 50cc scooter. Cost. A 50cc bike costs little to purchase, a tiny amount to run and normally a small amount to register each year.

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