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Written by Del Fuego    Friday, 29 August 2008 12:00     E-mail
Yamaha Cygnus X125
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Yamaha Cygnus X125
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The Swan like Cygnus X 125 is not your traditional scooter, sophisticated with clean compact lines. Cygnus exudes a stylish self-confidence that you might only expect to find in a more expensive, large capacity scooter… According to the Yamaha press release at least. The name is apparently derived from the Latin word for Swan and Yamaha swear it looks like one…if you screw your eyes closed and stare at/through it like those “Magic Eye” images from the ‘90’s you can just about make out the profile of a Swan in the Cygnus…

I’m not sure why Yamaha keep talking about Swans… the fact of the matter is that the Cygnus really is a very good-looking scooter… scooter, not large, graceful bird.

The styling isn’t in your face sporty or a throwback to the 60’s. Yamaha have clearly tried to put together a contemporary but classic style and they have succeeded. The overall sense is of simple elegance… The Cygnus is well built with quality materials and features virtually everything you need from a modern scooter. Yamaha have moved the fuel tank to the front of the bike leaving enough space under the seat for a full-face helmet (size small sans too many vents) and some wet weather gear or whatever else it is you wish to carry. This trend toward nearly dual helmet storage area is one I hope continues and expands. I realize there is only so far the manufacturers can go while retaining a useable seat height but the precedent has now been set and storage volume can only improve further.

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