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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Thursday, 20 December 2007 03:59     E-mail
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One of the unique features of the MP3 design is the elecro-hydraulic front wheel locking system; it is operated via a small switch next to the right grip. This means that when parking you simply lock the front wheels in position, then pull on the small handbrake and step off. No hauling the bike on to its centre stand, no worrying about angles on hills…just park and walk. You’d be surprised how quickly you get used to it and how much simpler it makes using a large scooter. The party trick though is the ability to lock the front wheels when stopping at traffic lights etc before you come to a stop. Depending on how fast you decelerate the bike allows you to lock the front wheels when you drop below approximately 10kph. This means you hit the switch as you approach the lights and don’t even need to put your feet on the ground. When the lights turn green you simply twist the throttle and take off. The bike automatically unlocks the front wheels as you leave. It’s surprising how quickly you’ll begin to use this feature and then you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. It works perfectly, even with a pillion.

Braking is by handled by discs at both ends and is reported to be faster than any two wheeled scooter by about 20% due to the added traction of the two front wheels. This is something we’ll be testing in our upcoming “Super Scooter Battle” but on seat of the pants feel alone the MP3 definitely appears to stop quicker than any normal 250cc scooter, especially considering its high weight. The MP3 is all about stability. Put simply, there isn’t a more stable more confidence inspiring scooter or motorbike for that matter made. As any bike rider knows a front wheel slide while turning in wet weather normally ends in one thing…an accident. Not so with the MP3, the added traction and stability of the front wheels mean a front wheel slide is unlikely and even recoverable. For that reason alone the MP3 becomes the bike of choice for anybody commuting in a wet location. If the MP3 isn’t a hit in places like Seattle and the London then there’s something wrong with the world.

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