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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Tuesday, 29 January 2008 15:51     E-mail
Piaggio X8 400ie
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Piaggio X8 400ie
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Does anybody actually know what the definition of a maxi scooter is? I mean it…I’ve asked lots of people and I constantly get conflicting answers; some say storage, some say engine size, others talk about larger wheels and pillion comfort. Now that is all well and good…but where’s the line. Is it say, 160kg…then you’re a maxi? So you’re at the store on your Vespa, you pick up bag of oranges….wammo, you’re a maxi. That’s it bud you’ve past the line…do not pass go do not collect $200.

I believe a maxi is a combination of all those things; it’s basically an underpowered automatic touring motorcycle masquerading as a scooter. Obviously you get the advantages of a scooter with an automatic transmission and built in storage, so a maxi scooter is always going to be superior to a motorbike around town, but... the X8s 34 horsepower really is about well…100hp less than a touring motorcycle. So one has to ask, is it enough to tour on? Straight up…yes, I was surprised as it works just fine.

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