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Written by Ant "Spanner" Stead    Friday, 08 February 2008 16:20     E-mail
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Honda Giorno 50
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The cool retro speedometer looks great and is accurate, only showing 1kph under the actual speed at 50kph. The dash does have annoying lights that flash if you exceed 30kph. This form of warning beacon is however fairly common on many of the Japanese 50cc bikes.

The Giorno, handles well, it feels like it has a longer wheelbase than other Honda scooters. It also features softer suspension, which made it comfortable to ride over unkempt, uneven city streets. The soft set-up however means that potholes can bottom out the suspension unsettling the rider. If you weigh over 80kg, it maybe a good option to upgrade the suspension… or perhaps just buy something else. It is easy to throw into corners, and light enough for almost anyone to place it on the stand. The large under seat compartment gobbles up a full-face helmet with ease.

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