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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Wednesday, 18 February 2009 11:40     E-mail
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This extra torque means the 300 is a joy to ride out on the road (that saying ‘out on the road’ really is unnecessary, I mean where else is it gonna be. Out on the ocean, I mean come on, it’s a scooter. It’s not a boat, it’s not a plane. What are going to do ride it on a water bed and say “out on the water bed it really handles well”. Anyway.) I’d have to say I had much more fun on the Vespa 300 than I have on most scooters. The extra power means you can actually go for a ride to the beach…now I don’t mean the beach down the road. I’m talking an hours ride away. Not something I’d normally do on a scooter. Normally I’d bet bored. Not so on the 300. This thing could nearly replace a motorcycle. This brings me to the big question…

Why nearly? I don’t get this. The Vespa GTS 300 Super is a response to the massive success of Honda’s SH300. Now read carefully. The Honda makes 27Hp, the Vespa makes 22hp. It may not sound like much but, it is. Out on the water bed it means the Honda hit’s 100kph (62MPH) in 10.9 seconds vs 13.9 on the Vespa. That IS a lot faster. So my point; why didn’t Vespa make the engine an actual 300cc and give it the same or more power than the Honda? Is it possible the Vespa engineers live in a sandpit and breathe through straws? I say engineers because I’m CERTAIN the marketing department is VERY aware of the SH300s sales success. See as far as I’m aware in order to compete with a competitor you normally need to match there offering and then add something of your own. This is how the car industry has worked for many years. Obviously the scooter market is different. You simply deliver less and wammo, everybody buys it.

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