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Written by Ant Stead    Tuesday, 21 April 2009 16:15     E-mail
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Honda Ruckus 2007
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The designers at Honda must have been on some crazy stuff when designing this thing. All the things you look for in a scooter aren’t there; Storage? Um..a little bit.
Nice smooth tyres for getting to work on? Nope, try crazy fat semi-offroad tyres. Fairing that reduces drag, and protects you from wind? Not included.
Cool multi-faceted light that makes the scooter look like a little rabbit? Try two big round lights mounted down low.

So it is pretty obvious that the scooter is not marketed to little Japanese girls to get to school on. It’s aimed at the young western males. And man, they’ve really hit their mark. This thing is so totally impractical, and that makes it cool.  It all metal piping and round head-lights. If a hummer and mountain bike were to procreated the Ruckus would be the offspring.

Out on the road you are buffeted from head to foot by the wind, there is no protection at all. It almost feels like you’re on an office chair riding down the road. The only gauge you’ve got is speed. There are a couple of dash-lights fitted well out of eye sight. One light is for fuel. There is no fuel gauge just a light that comes on warning your about to be stranded on the middle of nowhere. (light comes on when one liter of fuel is remaining.) The other light is high-beam warning.

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