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2008 Scooter of the Year
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2008 Scooter of the Year
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Scooter of the year

Well it’s that time of the year…well it is for us. Now normally people are getting excited about the new year at this stage. ‘What will I get accomplished this year?’ Well not us. We’re reflecting on the year just gone and trying to come up with an answer to the age old question. Which is the years best scooter? Normally these sorts of stories are published in December… We decided however that as it was officially our birthday on the 12th of Feb it was best to make this actually the “Scooter of our year” mainly just because we can… do you have a problem with that!?

What do we base this all on though? Is it the fastest? Is it the best value for money? Well we already cover all that in our reviews and generally end up with the correct results. Sometimes better scooters don’t rate too well because they simply fail in one category. Our rankings really target the best all-rounders. However this is scooter of the year. Put simply it means this, of all the scooters we rode in 2008, which was the bike that most impressed us? Which scooter innovated, which scooter combined all the various aspects required and left us just wishing we owned one…let’s begin.

3rd Place

Gilera GP800

Now I can hear the complaining already. ‘The GP800 is heavy. The GP800 is expensive’. Yes and yes, it is both of those. It also the only maxi scooter we’d spend our money on. The reason? Well that’s simple; we love riding. Most of the team here at The Scooter Review ride motorcycles along with scooters and because of this we expect a lot from a maxi scooter. Sadly most maxi scooters are heavy, cumbersome two wheeled contraptions that should really only be used for scrap metal… or plastic recycling perhaps?. A bit harsh? Nope, it’s true. Most maxi’s are so vastly underpowered they are just dead BORING to ride. Okay, if you think wafting along with 35hp is riding. Good for you, I’m happy for you. There’s also a website you should visit…it’s called www.themobilesofa.com. If you like to be able to overtake cars at a whim and carve effortlessly up a mountain pass, there’s simply only one maxi scooter that can do it. The Gilera GP800. It really doesn’t matter if you like the GP800 or not. If you’re into maxi scooters then you’ll love what it’s done to the industry.  Suddenly the Japanese manufactures are sitting up and listening to their customers. Maxi riders actually want more powerful and more exciting models.

If you haven’t already given the GP800 a test ride, do so immediately. I’m certain it will affect you. You may still want your Burgman or Silver Wing as they store more and make better long distance machines…however you will want the engine. You’ll want it real bad. You’ll wonder why you can’t buy a Suzuki or a Honda with a motor like the GP800. It’ll plague your mind from that day forth and one of two things will happen. You’ll come up with a bunch of lies to justify why you still like your underpowered maxi or you’ll simply give up and buy one…I can prove I’m right too. See the second Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki release a powerful and sporty maxi scooter (which we expect from both in 2009) they’ll sell like mad. Proving what we keep ranting about…current maxi scooters are functional but dead boring. All except the Gilera GP800, it’s a game changer. 



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