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2008 Scooter of the Year - Page 2
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2008 Scooter of the Year
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SYM Citycom 300
The SYM Citycom was a real surprise for us. One day we were moaning, the next day we were smiling. It was our usual rant. Scooters are convenient etc but why on earth do they have to be so damned wimpy? For a while now we’ve been harping on about it. It’s not just the maxi scooters that keep getting lambasted. It’s the full size models too. I imagine it’s because for a while now manufactures have been stuck on 200 or 250cc models. Well finally the dam has broken. 300cc is the new black. I wonder how people ever rode 200cc models now. It seems 300cc strikes the perfect blend between power, size, weight and economy. The latest crop of 300cc models from all of the various manufactures are all light years better than bikes from just twelve months ago. The Citycom just blew us away.


It’s almost the perfect scooter. It has plenty of storage; it rides well and comes from a quality manufacturer. Of all the bikes we’ve tested it makes the most sense. If you need to ride on the freeway or do some long distance riding there really isn’t a better scooter for anything like the money you can buy a Citycom for. It’s the price that really makes the Citycom standout. In some markets it’s actually half the price of competing models…half. Think about it. The Citycom 300 is simply the best value full size scooter on the market today. Forget all the technical guff; just take it for a test ride. You’ll see what we’re on about. For a human being living in a city on this planet, it just makes sense.



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