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Written by NSR-Dan    Wednesday, 06 May 2009 23:12   
Custom "Chinese" 50 ITS ALIVE - milf hunter update 1
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Custom "Chinese" 50 ITS ALIVE
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milf hunter update 1
Its Alive
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Update to the build. I have been working on the wiring which is complete for all the engine components only lights to be done. I have fitted the carb on the best angle with the adapter plate so the fuel can feed into the carb freely, and have started it. It seems to run fine but with no gasket between the adapter and head I suspect an air leak is making the revs fluctuate, which is not a worrying as i need to dremmel out the adapter to port match the intake.

The engine is going to come off the frame as the shock needs to be repositioned due to a clearance issue with the shock and tyre (only 1mm clearance with a 3.00/10" tyre) will be moving a good 15mm over which will gve plenty of clearance to fit a 3.50/10" slick.

While the engine is out I'll finish the frame with its front end and handle bars which are downhill mountain bike bars kindly donated by a friend.

Here is a full list of mods for the scooter I'll add to the list as i go.

139QMB GY6 Honda copy, 50cc, 4 stroke.

Engine blueprinted and fully rebuilt.
BGM Crankshaft (with nachi bearings)
BGM Big bore cylinder 94cc
Super Corsa piston 53mm
BGM Performance head (bigger valves and ports)
BGM Sports Camshaft
Sports cooling fan
Tecno Racing Exhaust

Transmission (CVT)

New bearings from SKF
Naraku high-speed variator
Naraku Drive Plate (ordered)
BGM Clutch Torque plate
RMS Racing Clutch
Malossi Kevlar Belt
Stage 6 racing clutch bell


21mm PWK Carburettor
Str8 Drag bell
Custom modified intake manifold
Direct fed fuel with manual shutoff tap
High flow filter


Racing CDI
BGM Racing Coil
Denso Iridium Spark plug
Trailtech vapor dash with speedo, RPM and temp
Custom made loom
ZX6R tail light

Frame, wheels & brakes

Custom modified frame
Downhill mountain biking drop bars (to come)
Disk brake front, drum rear
Braided brake line
EBC brake pads
Alloy wheels with Michelin S1 tread
Rebuilt front shock
YSS rear Racing shocks

Took the bad boy for its maiden run yesterday, didnt have a spare bike battery so i strapped a car battery to the floor of the frame.

was very happy with the result, suspension felt good, engine felt good, and it powerwheelies of the mark with little effort and this is with the engine untuned and running rich as F%^K.

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