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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Wednesday, 27 August 2008 12:00     E-mail
SYM VS 150
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SYM VS 150
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It seems the chaps at SYM have got wind of my habits. See normally I begin most SYM reviews with a bit of an easy laugh about the name of the scooter. It’s not hard when a scooter’s called an ‘Uber boy’ or a ‘Super Duck’. Not any longer it seems. So now what do I do? I haven’t got enough talent to come up with something amusing on my own, I need help. Then it dawned on me. It was a puzzle; SYM had simply hidden the real name in a complex code. I’ve always wanted to be a spy…or maybe a voyeur. Is that the same thing? Anyway I pulled out my copy of ‘You wanted to be a spy but ended up a boring git’. A great title for a book I have to say.

After many hours of detailed cypher work and numerous conversations with my contacts in the CIA, FBI, FCC, FAA, STD, ABS, and VTEC, I came up with an answer. It was hidden in the title. What SYM had done was brilliant; they’d used the initials V and S as what seemed like innocent letters. Not so. My exhausting analysis discovered their true meaning. A simple V…no, in SYM’s world of layered espionage the V stands for Vanity and S stands for Sprocket. You see…it was there hidden all along. The SYM Vanity Sprocket. What does Vanity Sprocket mean you ask? How on earth would I know; I just work here.

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