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Written by Ketzal Sterling    Wednesday, 27 August 2008 12:00     E-mail
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The VS is a direct assault on the Euro and Japanese scooter models. It was obviously a fairly transparent conversation when they began work on the VS. The engineers were simple told to build a 150cc scooter that functioned as well as or better than any of its competing models but cost less. So that’s what they built. The SYM designers put their heads together and gave us what we’ve all been asking for. First, they mounted the battery extra low in the body, then they moved the fuel tank to the front of the bike, the result being; a class leading storage area. If you’ve ridden scooters for more than a week you’ll know how vital storage is. In the VS you can store either two open faced helmets or one helmet and your riding gear. After riding the bike for the week I wondered how I’d put up with the useless storage on most scooters. The only negative is that the under seat area is not very deep so you can only ‘just’ squeeze in a small sized full-face helmet. Make the storage area just an inch deeper on the next VS and we’ll be in nirvana.

Riding wise the VS is pretty straight forward. The 150cc four stroke is slightly more perky than average and usefully more powerful than most 125cc bikes. This means the VS will function on the freeway provided you avoid the fast lane and stratospheric mountain passes. Suspension and ride quality is about average as well. The suspension and 12 inch wheels soak up most bumps and give reasonable comfort. The VS can be hustled along but prefers a medium pace as it’s more cruiser than corner carver. The front disc is massive for the scooter world at 273mm but surprisingly required a fair amount of effort to bring the bike to a halt.

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