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Written by Del Fuego    Friday, 01 August 2008 15:36     E-mail
Honda Forza 250 Review
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Honda Forza 250 Review
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The Honda Forza 250 gelled with me instantly… once I learnt to ignore how… well… slow it was that is. I liked it straight away. I think it was because it had personality. You see the truth is I have a fetish… a dirty secret you might say. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with goats, gerbils or any kind of undersea invertebrate. The thing is… I like cars, please don’t be upset I don’t just like any cars, I like old cars… the rustier and more unreliable the better. Stop hitting the escape key!

I have a good reason for liking these “old piles of junk” as those not afflicted call them. You see they have character, charm… in short… Personality

The Forza is a modern, even futuristic machine… with no rust to be seen… the press bike tested was nearly 4 years old and holding up just fine. No, the only thing the Honda had in common with a car I might try and rescue from a scrap yard is personality. This is something I would never have expected from any of Honda’s products. You see, Honda scooters don’t really have personality… they tend to be so well put together that they have all personality engineered out of them. This is not to say the Forza isn’t well built, far from it, however it did have personality… and gadgets…

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