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Written by Del Fuego    Friday, 01 August 2008 15:36     E-mail
Honda Forza 250 Review - Page 3
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Next gadget… Transmission… the transmission has 3 modes; Manual, Drive and Sport. “Drive” and “Sport” are engaged simply by pushing a toggle on the handle bar that also controls the gear selection in “Manual” mode The only difference between the two is a slight increase in allowable revs on the Sport mode. I found myself staying in Drive most of the time to get the best fuel economy and switching to Sport for passing (or track testing). In either mode acceleration was under whelming but smooth and predictable. The “Manual” mode is activated via a discrete switch on the back of the right handle bar and is essentially a manual version of sport mode. Realistically it is virtually a waste of time. It works effectively enough but there isn’t any real advantage as the computer does a better job changing gears than I ever managed… this is more toy than tool and the current Forza has this feature as an option… one that I would decline.

The Forza is a very useable machine with huge storage volume including an under seat compartment that will take a full face helmet and a small open face unit… or, if you prefer, an open face helmet and a week’s worth of clothes… for a man. I found I used the front part of the compartment for wet weather gear leaving plenty of room in the back part for my full face (large) helmet and a few other bits and pieces. There are two compartments in the frontal area as well. One is a LARGE locking drawer that operates via a button below the ignition… um… knob… thing? Then there is a smaller unlocked compartment with a fold down door on the right. Considering it’s weight the Forza is easy to move around although it does take a good heave to get it on and off the centre stand… thankfully Honda saw fit to include a very effective side stand.

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