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Thursday, 04 February 2010 23:31     E-mail
Lambretta GP?

Now I was quite excited when I originally heard this rumor a few weeks ago "Lambretta to race in 125GP" I figured maybe it meant that there was actually going to be a proper return of Lambretta as a brand. I must say that I was also a bit confused after all "they are a scooter company aren't they?" Why are they GP racing then? You see Lambretta have been all over the show with various companies all over the world and I figured a return/entry into competition at this level meant that finally someone was going to be a definitive push back to a "proper" manufacturer.

Thursday, 04 February 2010 22:39     E-mail
Armadillo Scooterwear

I have spoken about Armadillo Scooterwear before, this good quality protective casual comes out of the UK and is now available in the States, better still you don't even have to go looking for it as it available via www.thescooterreviewshop.com There are still some issues with the site but I promise we are working on it... it is still a bit ugly but it now officially works. So if you are in the USA then CLICK HERE and get some new gear delivered to your door (for now don't click the separate menu items... "mens" etc just scroll through, there are 4 pages of gear). And to make it even easier within the next week or s a big box of Armadillo's will arrive at TSR HQ and we will test em all and give you the in's and out's, pro's and con's of each of the products... see we look after you here at TSR and we will give you the real story!

Thursday, 04 February 2010 21:36     E-mail
Matra e-MO

This particular device is a collaboration between Matra and Taiwan's E-Ton when I first saw it I though "now there's a particularly silly name that I really must share" I mean really Emo? does this electric scooter/moped have an odd fringe with a red bit in it? Is it morose or spend a lot of time wearing black and crying? No... presumably not and I can only assume that the e-MO moniker is something to do with electronic Motion...

Thursday, 28 January 2010 22:22     E-mail
Random accessory of the year

This one was just too strange not to include. Slidescooters are an Italian company who have come up with a simple, bolt on kit to turn your small wheel scooter (50-125cc) scooter into a snowmobile... I can understand that as a gimmick this could be a wee bit of fun but I'm not entirely sure that it is going to be a huge seller... I could be wrong.


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