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Midsize Super Battle
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Midsize Super Battle
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This test is a little bit different to our previous comparison… the 50cc Super Battle. Different in a few ways but the main one being choice, you see there are a lot of scooters available in the size and price range that we decided to include. For the record: 100cc to 200cc, small to medium bodied with a retail price in the mid to low range.

Obviously it would be impossible to test all of these bikes to pick a winner, so what did we do? We picked ten that we felt had a shot at the top spot, unfortunately a few were unavailable so what we have in the test are seven of the best mid range, mid size scooters available today. Now I must make something blatantly obvious, all seven bikes are at the top of their game, so don’t dismiss a bike just because it came 7th in the test. Remember it is not the loser of the test… it is seventh of probably 50 bikes in this market segment. I will say it again… read carefully! All of these bikes are a great buy because we didn’t bother including the bikes that we felt didn’t have a chance!

Now I mentioned there were a couple of omissions, the obvious ones being Vespa’s S125 and Honda’s SH150, along with the Kymco/Bug Agility that would have been included. Unfortunately the Vespa demo had just been sold so wasn’t available, however, as good a machine it is the ticket price really would have put it out of the range for the test. A similar situation exists for the SH150, no question this is a good bike but it is unavailable for test here at the moment and again realistically out of the price range. A ghost test put the Vespa mid pack and the Honda somewhere within the top 3. There was no stock of the Agility so that was excluded, unfortunately we have no experience at all with this bike so couldn’t even guess its rough placing. Now I must extend a huge thank you to Alistair and Coleman’s Suzuki in Auckland… They supplied an AN125 for the test as our local Distributor still refuses to supply any test bikes; if you need any Suzuki product and you are in Auckland go see the guys at Coleman’s they will sort you out.

As per the last Super Battle, all tests were done by multiple people, with the listed times coming from one rider, riding 80% times and a limited number of laps. This track time is more an “ease of riding” test than a “maximum attack” time… we hate putting scooters into the Armco. More laps were completed by multiple judges to evaluate the “performance and handling” results. A little bit different this time we have added a few individual awards; you will find these below the ranking title.

So, let’s get started…



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