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Midsize Super Battle - 1st Place
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Position 1: The Big Kahuna and Winner of the 2008 Mid Size Super Battle

81% SYM VS150

I have already stated that to even make the cut for this test is a difficult thing to do, to win it a bike needs to be capable in all areas, it has to ride well, be well built, comfortable, affordable and innovative. The SYM VS150 epitomises this “hyper capable all rounder” role. It looks great, with a modern approach to styling and accoutrements such as LED head and taillights. It is fantastic to live with, making the most of its space with a double sized under seat compartment, which will take a full face… AND an open face helmet. It performs well both on road and track, in short it was a very deserving and clear cut winner on the day.

On the Track: 38.7 Seconds

The fact that the VS was so close to the GTR on track is an accomplishment in itself, the powerful engine in combination with good stability, fast direction change and effective brakes meant it was a breeze to ride fast on the track. Further to this the times were achieved quickly and were very consistent. All the judges rated the VS within the top bikes to ride on the track, much of this is due to how easy it is to get used to and ride fast and smooth.

On the road

The SYM managed to be both fast on the track and comfortable and entertaining on the road, this is no mean feat. The suspension was compliant without being too floaty yet handled fast cornering without untoward bounce or bumpiness. The seat is comfortable and easy to move around on, with plenty of room for a pillion and enough power to carry one. Overtaking and hill work is achieved without fuss or bother and the brakes are more than up to dragging you to a stop quickly if you get a bit overzealous with the throttle. Like all midsize scooters the VS is a city machine but it will handle highway trips without complaint.

Living With It

This is the icing on the cake for the SYM VS150 and the area that really pushed it over the top for the victory. Storage is phenomenal with a double length under seat compartment that will take a full-face helmet and an open face for the pillion or a helmet plus your full wet weather gear, gloves etc with ease. It is fairly easy to move around and the centre stand is easy to use even for lighter people, a side stand is also standard equipment. In short virtually everything we take into account is present on the VS in spades, right down to remote seat opening (from the ignition) great instruments and a powerful headlight. The bike is also well put together from quality components. Unquestionably a worthy winner, if you are in the market for a midsize machine, take the SYM for a ride!

So there you have it, the end of another very exhaustive Comparison Test, from a very worthy few that made the initial cut we’ve whittled it down to the best of the best and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed if you take our advice and test ride any of the included bikes that fit your purposes.



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