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Midsize Super Battle - 3rd Place
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Position 3: Yamaha Beewee 100

77% Winner: “Improbably Cool” award

Yamaha… Beewee… what were they thinking? Ok beside a singularly ridiculous name the little 100cc two-stroke machine is a bit odd looking. Like some cross between a shopping trolley and an ATV. As harsh as this sounds it gains the Improbably Cool award because for as much as the styling, name and design shouldn’t really work… it somehow manages to come together as a dynamite little package that you will no doubt thoroughly “dig”.

On the Track: 39.2 Seconds

Balloon tyres with mud grip tread, combined with nudge bars are not something normally associated with track performance. However the Beewee manages, yet again, to defy the odds. Performance from the 100cc two-stroke engine was brisk and sounded fantastic. Cornering and braking were both very good especially considering the unusual choice of rubber. Small wheels and light weight mean a quick mover that felt, equal to, or even more entertaining in the corners than the Mio… no mean feat. Suspension, assisted by the big tyres was comfortable yet responsive and the brakes were solid.

On the Road

Like the Mio, the traits that make the Beewee great fun on the track translate into good on-road performance and the big tyres actually improve the ride quality, soaking up road imperfections very effectively. The engine feels a bit more powerful than the Mio, pulling up hill slightly better, even with a slightly heavier rider. To continue the theme the brakes are also effective. All in all this light, small machine is an absolute blast for urban traffic work with a reasonable turn of speed when it is needed. On the road the Yamaha Beewee 100 is a very entertaining and effective machine.

Living With It

Day to day usefulness of the little Beewee is very good, I said it once and I‘ll say it again… lightweight, small scooters are the way to go. These attributes make regular activities much more straightforward. Little things like putting a scooter on its stand that you do multiple times a day… if they aren’t simple, become very irritating parts of your life. The Yamaha has this same advantage along with a small front glove box and manages to squeeze a full-face helmet into the under-seat compartment. All in all a good quality, useful machine for everyday use … that plus the smile it puts on your face when you ride it is how it edged it’s way into the top 3.




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